Victoria Bourne's Virginian-Pilot Close-Up article (March 2, 2012):

Awards & Commissions

  • Commission Competition Prize (5 times; first = 1992)   --  State award by Virginia Music Teachers Association (VMTA) and Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
  • Delius Vocal Category Award (1992)   --  National award by Delius Association of Florida
  • Delius Keyboard Category Award (1995)   --  National award by Delius Association of Florida
  • Modern Music Festival 2000 Film Scoring Prize (2000)   --  International award by Colorado Modern Music Festival
  • Bronze Medal, Book of the Year Awards (2003)   --  International award by ForeWord Magazine
  • Editor's Choice Award (2004)   --  International award by iUniverse
  • Reader's Choice Award (2005)   --  International award by iUniverse
  • Margaret Fairbank Jory CAP Grant (1998)   --  National award by American Music Center
  • ASCAP Plus Awards (21 times; first = 1995)   --  National award by ASCAP
  • Meet the Composer Grants (2 times; first = 1998)   --  National award by Meet the Composer
  • Commissions (2 times; first = 1990)   --  Local award by Hardwick Chamber Ensemble
  • Commissions (3 times; first = 1992)   --  Local award by Music in Motion Dance Company


Decade Divertimento: Winsor's superb Decade Divertimento was a fine tribute to the [Hardwick Chamber Ensemble's] decade of music making.

-- Raymond Jones, Vice President, WHRO-FM, The Chesapeake Post

Final Portraits: The piece was warm and lively. It was played with elan, force, vigor, and a playful spirit. The work allowed each of the four passionate performers to shine, ending it with a flourish.

-- Eric Feber, The Chesapeake Clipper

The Norwegian Lady: The performance was uniformly good with strong contributions by the composer himself [John Winsor] on clarinet, Jeanette Winsor on piano, Mary Tanner on cello, and especially effective (and beautiful) singing from Anita Lowry.

-- Mary Ann McNamee, Penn Sounds